Sunday, July 5, 2009


Welcome to OMG BOOKS!
This is my new book review blog, so please excuse the mess until I have a chance to settle in.

My name is Kelli, I live in the middle of Nowhere Iowa, and I am completely obsessed with books! I read anywhere from 1-3 books per week, and have decided to take my love for books to a new level!

Where the name came from: I don't know about you, but once in awhile, I come across a book that literally makes me say outloud: "OMG!" ... These books are so good that I can't get them out of my head, I daydream about the characters, laugh and cry with the characters, and yes, you can even use the term "fangirl" to describe me in some cases.


  1. Welcome to book blogging! It looks like you are doing great already. Here's a book blog FAQ I wrote - in case you are interested in some more tips:

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! : )