Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Bookcase!!!

Do you remember a while ago, when I complained a little bit about how I couldn't find a decent bookcase, for a decent price, that also met my small space needs? But then CSN Office Furniture came to the rescue and introduced me to their site, and offered me a lovely bookcase for review? Yeah... that just might have been the highlight of my summer!

I remember being amazed by their HUGE selection! They literally have something for everyone, and actually have several things that would help with my small space/too many books issue, including several options for hanging book shelves, which I know I will be buying some of those soon, since I am now officially out of floor space! My other bookcase sits in my closet... MY CLOSET! What a horrible place for a bookcase!

Oh, did I mention FREE SHIPPING?

So I am happy to introduce my NEW bookcase... it took up my last bit of of floor space, but at least it's not in my closet!

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A view of one side of my room, showing my new bookcase! Pretty much all my floor/wall space is taken up, except that tiny little spot between my new bookcase and my bed. I do have wall space still available though! I've pretty much filled the new bookcase up already! I had books stacked on the floor that I forgot I even had! I've already packed about 100 books onto this bookcase. I have an almost empty shelf down towards the bottom, but I am sure I will fill it up really soon. (Note, if you notice the back is different on the bottom than it is on the top, it's because my dad accidentally put it on backwards, it isn't supposed to look like that. I didn't think it was neccisary to have my dad take it apart and flip it over. After all, once I pile books on it, you won't even be able to see the back!) That's my Kitty, Aphrodite, in the picture. She had a summer hair cut not to long ago. That's why she looks like a lion :P

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My First Shelf is my "Books To Read" shelf. I somewhat have them in order according to when I plan on reading them. The book laying on top is what I was reading when I took this picture. That's usually where I have my "currently reading" book. I have My little Tulsa snow globe in front of the PC Cast books, since that's where the books are based. I can't wait to read these... mostly because I used to live in Tulsa :P

My Second Shelf: These are all books that I have read this year. The shelves are high enough that when I get more books I can stack them pretty high.

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My Third Shelf: My Harry Potter vs. Twilight shelf. (Plus a Maximum Ride book, but I've moved it. My friend borrowed the rest of my Max books, so I had to move it somewhere where they will all fit... I need to house all of my series books together, in order) Actually, it's more like my JK Rowling vs. Stephenie Meyer shelf, since I have the Host there too. One of them needs to release another book soon, so that I can put it where the Max ride book is.

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My almost empty shelf: Which Aphrodite currently likes so lounge on. I'll rotate books from my "to read shelf" down to this one as I finish reading them.

My bottom shelf: Daughters of the Moon, and Gossip Girls. I read the entire Daughters of the Moon series in January. But I haven't read all of the Gossip Girls yet.

Also, after I took this picture, I put bookends on the very top of the bookcase, and now have another row of books on the top :)

All in all, a wonderful bookcase for a cheap price! I had a great shopping experience through CSN Office Furniture, and I know I'll shop with them again soon!

I wanted to try and put it together myself, so that I can give an accurate review on the proccess of putting it together... but I woke up one morning to see that my dad went ahead and put it together for me. But I'm positive that it's something that I could have probably managed to put together :)

I am extremely happy with this bookcase!


  1. Nice bookcase! Your cat is so cute!(:

  2. It looks super cute in your room! Great books, we got similar books :)

  3. I like your new shelf and Love your cat just lounging on your books. Too cute!

  4. Awesome! I just put mine together a few days ago and will probably post my review this coming week. I only recieved the smaller 4 shelf bookcase in black though. I was under the impression it had to be $45 and under, so I went low, and noticed that a lot of other people had gotten the ones that were more money. Yikes, wish I could have gotten the extra shelf now, lol..cause mines already almost full!

    Great review, and it looks great in your room :)

  5. I just stumbled across your blog and became a follower! I love your posts (and Aphrodite is adorable)!

    Mindful Musings Book Blog


  6. The bookcase looks really good. I'm looking a bigger bookcase. Aphrodite looks amazingly cute - almost identical to one of my cats Angus XD Your books all look interesting. I'm going to look at those photos enlarged to note down the titles.

  7. Very cute! My cat likes to lounge on the very top of my bookshelf. Someday I will have to take a picture and post it for everyone to see!

  8. I love your new bookshelf! There is nothing better than getting brand new book case, except maybe buying all the books to fill it.