Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review: FANG (Maximum Ride #6)

(Maximum Ride #6)
by James Patterson
March 15th, 2010
309 pages

Description: Being a kid with wings--constantly on the run--has never been easy, and Max and her flock are getting tenser than ever. First, on a trip to Africa, they meet a mysterious billionaire whose intense scrutiny of the Flock makes her fear the worst. Then, a cryptic message from a young girl arrives, warning them "The sky will fall." And as if an impending apocalypse weren't bad enough, canny birdkid Angel makes a dire prophecy about Max's soul mate: Fang will be the first to die. Max's desperate desire to protect Fang brings the two closer than ever. But can the team weather the storm, or will the turmoil rip them apart for the last time?

My Thoughts: I absolutely adore the Maximum Ride series! Although I still think that book one, "Angel Experiment," is currently the best in the series, I still really enjoyed "Fang" (The sixth book).

This book managed to capture my emotions a little better than the previous two. I cried, I was angry, I was happy, and of course I laughed. One thing the Maximum Ride series always has is a great sense of humor! I always know I can depend on Max's witty inner dialogue to crack me up throughout the book no matter what dramatic situation they have found themselves in!

A new element is brought to this book: ROMANCE! Max and Fang are finally together! Even if the rest of the flock disagrees with their relationship, and continue to protest the time they have been spending together as a couple outside of the flock.

Sometimes, with long series like this, I start to lose interest after 3 or 4 books. However, James Patterson has consistently provided quick and entertaining reads, and he never fails to amuse me!


  1. Last 2 books kind of sucked. The only thing that keeps me reading is Max's inner dialog. Anyways, Im buying this one, hope it really is better xD

  2. I haven't read this yet but I'm really looking forward to it. I too love this series!