Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pretty Little Liars - Secret Keeper Game [Challenge 2]

Being Aria Montgomery isn't easy...

I ended up not needing help with Challenge #2... but I know I will need your help for future challenges! So stay tuned!

Yesterday at approximately 3:00pm I received my second challenge from "A". My challenge was to find Aria's flickr account, and upload photos from "Monday's hiking trip." Sounds easy enough, except no matter what I searched for nothing would come up! I literally tried everything! I actually ended up finding Emily and Spencer's challenge pictures in the process, but could not find my own! (oh, and as for Hanna, she had it really easy, just had to upload a photo directly from her phone... lucky!)

"A" must have sensed my trouble, because she soon sent me another message saying that I had until Saturday to find my photos, and that I should try again tomorrow. (How unusually nice of her!) So I figured that either the photos weren't up yet, or that I would receive a tip the next day. Either way I was sure that "A" was having fun watching me sweat! I had a photo on my phone of a hiking trail (a clue) that I planned on using as a last resort, but I wanted to be sure and take my time in finding the actual flickr album so that I wasn't taking any chances! I wanted to do exactly as "A" requested so that I wouldn't upset her!

I talked to a few other Aria's in the game, and they were all having trouble too. Which made me feel much better that I wasn't alone! Thankfully we all received a hint earlier today! I was at work when the hint hit Facebook, but luckily for me, my friend Kristin was keeping a close eye on "A" and I was quickly able to access my challenge photos! After uploading the photos to my group "A" almost immediately sent me a text message saying that she was surprised I actually found them, and that she was a little impressed... lol

She says that my secret is safe for now... but I've learned that "A" doesn't always keep her word. So I've just gotta do what she says and hope for the best!

Check out my Label "PLL" for more of my posts on the Secret Keeper game!

Disclosure: ABC Family asked me to participate in a game based on the upcoming tv series "Pretty Little Liars." They provided me with a game kit which included a Free Motorola Droid Smartphone. The phone is mine to keep once the game has been completed. 


  1. It's amazing how involved and interactive they've made this game - sounds like fun! :)

  2. Wow I'm glad it wasn't that hard for me to find my own Flickr pictures... I probably would have started freaking out! :)

  3. Melissa - It really IS interactive! It's fun, but I am starting to empathize with the characters. I am on the edge at all times!

    Ashley - I was freaking out a little! Especially at first, because I had seen that you already had yours up! But maybe "A" will go easy on me next time... but I don't think that's likely :P

  4. wow im like totally gonna follow you about this, im such a PLL fan, im so jealous, as i ahev said like so many times before! so on your phone is the picture of aria like an application or just a background? and is the phone like normal or does it have dif features, and does abc pay for the enternet and sending texts? sorry about the questions but im just like such a fan lawl!
    Oh and you can call me Elle, i only use the gossip girl account cause its the only account i have,