Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pretty Little Liars - Secret Keeper Game [Challenges 3 & 4]

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Kelli: I think my stalker takes the weekends off... lol
Saturday at 2:11pm

A: This seems like wishful thinking to me. -A
Saturday at 2:14pm

For some reason I thought I could relax this weekend. Nope, I was wrong! I definitely was not expecting my Secret Keeper phone to go off at 9pm on Sunday night with my 3rd challenge! Never a dull moment when "A" is holding secrets over our heads.

Challenge #3 was difficult! I had a BFF who was mad at me, and "A" informed me that I needed to text her right away. This challenge baffled me at first, I didn't know who this BFF was supposed to be! Apparently her contact information was missing from my phone... but luckily for me, my BFF sent me an angry text message the next afternoon telling me that she was still pissed at me. So I was able to complete my next challenge from "A" by texting the BFF back! My mystery BFF thankfully forgave me... and I soon heard from "A" letting me know that my secret was safe... at least for then.

Challenge #4 came earlier today. This one was probably one of the simplest challenges that I, as Aria, had received so far! I had to go to the Pretty Little Liar forums on the official ABC Family website and find the number of posts made by "A" in order to find out the number that reflects the appropriate age of the guys that Aria should date, and then text the number back to her. I completed it within a few short minutes. Haven't heard back from "A" yet... and even though I am sure I did the challenge correctly, I will still worry until "A" confirms that I indeed did it correctly... (oh, and by the way, go take a look at her posts, they are LOL worthy)

So I think I am safe for now... or am I? Let's hope for the best!

Did you know that Pretty Little Liars premiers next Tuesday?! I am so excited! I hope you are all watching, I definitely will be! :)

Disclosure: ABC Family asked me to participate in a game based on the upcoming tv series "Pretty Little Liars." They provided me with a game kit which included a Free Motorola Droid Smartphone. The phone is mine to keep once the game has been completed. 


  1. your so lucky... how did you land this?

  2. That's soo cool!
    [[Cn u check out my blog plz?]]

  3. This whole deal sounds so freakin fun and SO interesting (from a marketing perspective especially).

    I am very curious about the show I think I'd actually like it even if it's on one of my most hated tv channels. I will not be able to watch the premiere though bc of my late class :(