Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pretty Little Liars - Secret Keeper Game [Challenges 8 & 9]

 Challenge #9:

 Aria, guess what? The end is near! Not the end of the world - the end of our time together. But before you complete the game, I need you to complete this sentence. Here's the first part: "Maybe a family's demands..." The only way to figure out the second part is to watch tonight's show. -A

I received this message earlier today from "A"... and I thought you might want to participate in the challenge with me :)

Be sure to watch Pretty Little Liars tonight on ABC Family!

As for Challenge #8:  I received this challenge last Thursday. "A" sent me a driving test, and in order to keep my secrets safe, I had to pass her test! At first I was nervous, then I saw the questions and they made me giggle. Then "A" said she was glad I thought road safety was a laughing matter, and that shut me up real quick!

So then, I answered all the questions and I actually got one wrong! It was kind of a trick question, and apparently "A" has her own ideas on what a Stop Sign is really intended for. But then again, I am thinking "A" just wanted me to think that I answered wrong, so that she could make me worry about it for 4 days.

Luckily I heard back from "A" yesterday confirming that I passed her test! She promises to keep my secrets safe for a little longer. I was so relieved!

Disclosure: ABC Family asked me to participate in a game based on the upcoming tv series "Pretty Little Liars." They provided me with a game kit which included a Free Motorola Droid Smartphone. The phone is mine to keep once the game has been completed.

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