Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Miss This

Oh wow, I really really really (yes, really) miss blogging about my favorite books!!! I'm thinking about taking it back up again for the new year. Is anyone still following me?

Recently I was browsing a new bookstore, and realized several things: 1) I wasn't too familiar with most of the new releases, and I used to obsess over upcoming books when I was book blogging  2) If the person standing next to me were to have asked me "What's a new hot read that I simply must pick up while I am here" I wouldn't have known what to tell them, which turning people onto hot new books was something I highly enjoyed being able to do! At the very least, if I hadn't read a book myself, I would have at least known another blogger who had, so I could pass on their recommendation. 3) I still dream about working in a bookstore... and if I can't do that (I live in a small town with no bookstore, sadly) then I want to get back into book blogging!!!

In case you are curious... right now I am reading "Hush Hush" by Becca Fitzpatrick.
Yes, I am way behind on this wonderful series, and was super excited when I found a brand new copy of this book in the sale section at Books-A-Million for only $3.97!!! Hello new book addiction.

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