Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Monday + Random Ramblings

I learned something this week. I absolutely can not live without the internet! Luckily, my phone was able to help get me through the torture... I could still check twitter, and Facebook... you know, all the important things in life. But there is nothing like curling up with your laptop, updating your blog, and watching hours and hours of youtube videos. *sigh*

My entire town was without internet service for 2 days (but I assure you it felt more like weeks)... all because of a miscalculation by a single individual who was digging a hole.

Anyway, now that I have the internet, it's time to start updating!

I'll start with:
Music Monday...

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you that HANSON has been one of my favorite bands for most of my life? Well, I had a fun surprise on May 15th!

I drove down to Tulsa, Oklahoma recently to attend the Conan O'Brien show with a few of my friends (If you didn't know, Conan is doing a comedy tour). My friend Alicia had VIP passes to the show which meant she got to go in way early for some special VIP treatment. My friend Erin and I waited outside a few hours before the show, waiting for Alicia to come back outside.

Then we heard Hanson. We could hear them doing a soundcheck inside the venue! Needless to say, Erin and I are both huge Hanson fans, so we started freaking out a little bit... okay... we freaked out a LOT! We listened to them practice 2 songs!

Once the music stopped I heard Erin say... "uh, that's Zac." I glanced over and saw him walking in our direction (For those of you not familiar with Hanson, Zac is the youngest Hanson brother). Erin and I tried not to look suspicious so we just turned to each other and continued a fake conversation like we had no idea one of our favorite rockstars was only a few feet away.

However, the Hanson's have this secret power. They can look at a person and just know if they are a fan. So I turn and look at him and see that he is staring back at me with this "I know your a fan... please don't hurt me!" look on his face... I swear, I could see the fear in his eyes... haha! But luckily for him, I am not a rabid fan. I just smiled and said "Hi" and he smiled and said "Hi" back... and then was on his merry way.

Once doors opened, Erin and I took our seats. Guess who is sitting in the seats directly behind us? HANSON! It was really uncomfortable actually. I could feel their presence behind me during the show. Luckily for my nerves, Hanson left their seats during the middle of the show to perform onstage!

They performed their newest single "Thinking About Something" and then jammed with Conan O'Brien on a cover called "Never Been to Spain." it was fantastic! Four of my favorite people on the same stage!

Check out my videos from the show:

Thinking About Something:

Never Been To Spain:

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  1. WOW! I don't know if I'd have handled it as gracefully as you did ... I've been a Hanson fan for years, too! Lucky, lucky you! Thanks for sharing the videos!