Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretty Little Liars - Secret Keeper Game!

 "Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret"

I was really excited to be 1 out of 40 people asked to participate in a special game for ABC Family's upcoming show "Pretty Little Liars"... from what I've gathered so far, a majority of the lucky participants are fellow book bloggers, so please let me know if you were also picked for the game!

Today I received a box from ABC Family. I opened it up and sitting on the top was a note that said: "Some secrets you have to dig for. -A"

Underneath the note the box was full of dirt. Yes... literally filled with dirt! I took the box outside and did as I was told by digging through the dirt! I uncovered a Motorola Droid smartphone! The phone was provided free in order to take part in the game!

I also received a small object. But for now I am going to keep the small object a secret because I am not exactly sure what it's meaning is, and I think it could possibly be a secret clue.

With the phone was a note that read:

"It's hard to dig without getting dirty, isn't it, Aria? I know what you're thinking: 'I'm not Aria.' But believe me... after today, you will be. Now that you have her phone, you might as well log into her account. I'm waiting. --A"

So out of excitement I hurry and sign up using Aria's account information. I then received the following message, which I think describes the game very well:


I see you've found your phone. Allow me to introduce myself. You can call me 'A'. Since Pretty Little Liars is premiering June 8 on ABC Family, I thought it would be fun to play this little game in order to kick off the show.

Here's how it works:

You've got 10 secrets. The goal of the game is to keep those 10 secrets from your three friends. You'll all meet as soon as you join the Facebook group. Watch your Facebook notifications. I'll be inviting you soon.

Now, about your phone. It's full of stuff you'll need later, so go ahead and start digging through it. It's yours.

You'll receive your first secret on Tuesday, and if you want to keep that secret, I suggest you do what I say. Remember, I know everything.


So that's it so far!
I don't really know much more than what you've read here. Just that it sounds like a really creative and fun game! I can't wait to get started! I will update you on the game as much as I can without giving away any of my "secrets." I am told that my blog followers are encouraged to help me with the game, but I am not exactly sure how that is going to work yet... so stay tuned!

I am going to label all of my "Pretty Little Liar" game udates with "PLL" so that you can find these updates easier.


  1. I am waiting on my package to arrive too! Have you read the books? I really hope my followers will help me! Good luck!

    1. how do u order the game pagege i really want to play and try it out t sounds really realy fun

  2. I received my box today! I'm so excited for the game to begin...so anxious! :D

    1. where can you buy it i want one sooooo badddd

  3. Wow, super jelous! Looks awesome though! Can you use the phone for regular use too?

  4. So excited to play this game! :)
    And guess what? You're in my group!! I'm Spencer, the one who was texting you yesterday haha.

  5. awwww i missed thiss :(..could you send them to me!?? cuz i want to c wat they r like

  6. whoa!! thats so awesome!!! can you buy the package??

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  7. Replies
    1. I know this was a really long time ago but I am like obsessed with getting one, I know it's crazy but it just looks so fun!!

  8. sounds cool:) I really want to be part of the game.