Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Pretty Little Liars" - Secret Keeper Game [Challenge 1]

Please referr to my first post for more information on the game, and what has happened so far! 

My first text message from "A" arrived on my phone at approximately 4:00pm yesterday afternoon. As I read the message I noticed that my hands were actually shaking, my palms were sweaty and my nerves were running wild!

Even though I hear that it's okay to share with you what the text message said, I still feel paranoid that I might be saying too much. So let me just give you the basic idea of what the text said...

"A" had informed me that I needed to find something on Craigslist, and I had to contact the person with the ad. Basically a 'do what I say, or I will tell your friends all of your dirty little secrets' kind of text message.

Scary, right? I quickly pulled up the internet browser on my Droid smartphone. At first I was having a little trouble with finding anything that seemed like it was meant for the game! I kept finding a few similar ads that appeared to be real ads by real people. I wasn't really sure if I was supposed to contact one of them! So I kept looking for clues that one of these ads was indeed part of the game, and that I wouldn't be scaring some poor innocent bystander with my insane request!

Finally I started wording my search in different ways, and then eventually the correct ad popped up! Once I found it, it was so obvious that I had found the correct listing! So I quickly contacted the ad owner, did as I was told, and then waited for a reply from "A".

Today I received a text from "A" which said: "Aria, you just whipped up the sweetest deception. Nice work. I savored every bit - and as a reward I'll keep your hot secret. --A"

*Sigh* My secrets are safe... for now.

First challenge has officially been completed!
But I can only assume that the first challenge was the easiest...

Over on Facebook, "A" has been having some fun with the Pretty Little Secret Keepers. Even my friends are joining in on some of the fun:

 Disclosure: ABC Family asked me to participate in a game based on the upcoming tv series "Pretty Little Liars." They provided me with a game kit which included a Free Motorola Droid Smartphone. The phone is mine to keep once the game has been completed.


  1. I think we had the same mission because I had to go on Craigslist, too! :)

    Haha I love the facebook conversations. I'm getting so into this game!