Saturday, July 31, 2010

Review: "Meanicures"

by Catherine Clark
October 12th 2010
192 pages
From Goodreads: Madison is an average pre-teen living in Maine. For the most part, Madison has a happy life: a loving mother and good friends. But there's just one catch: the mean girls, who Madison and her friends used to be close with, often pick on the girls. After a particularly bad hair day, Madison takes matters into her own hands and before she knows it, finds herself turning mean. Will Madison make amends before she's left friendless?

My Thoughts: "Meanicures" is a very quick read, and can easily be finished in one sitting. I didn't realize that the book was aimed towards middle schoolers when I first agreed to review the book, otherwise I probably would have passed. The book was cute, but I believe that if I were 10 I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more than I had.

My main issue with the story was that it wasn't long enough, and out of the 6 main characters I really couldn't connect with any of them. At times I would get their names mixed up and would forget who was who. I just couldn't picture the characters in my head.

But it must be taken into consideration that this book IS intended for a younger audience. If you have a younger sister, it may be something she is interested in!

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