Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: "Zombiekins"

by Kevin Bolger
June 24th 2010
224 pages

From Goodreads: Fourth-grader Stanley Nudelman is about as wimpy as they come—he’s cowardly, shy, and spends most of his time hiding from the school bully, Knuckles Bruzkowski! Then Stanley stumbles upon the yard sale of his neighbor, Old Lady Imavitch, where he buys a mysterious stuffed animal. But this isn’t any old toy . . . it’s Zombiekins! He’s a little bit teddy, a little bit bunny, and a whole lotta ZOMBIE! And he’s coming this way!

Stump!—scri-i-i-i-itch . . .

Stump!—scri-i-i-i-itch . . .

Stanley brings Zombiekins to school and unleashes the worst zombie plague in fourth grade history! Can Stanley find the courage to save the day before his teachers notice the class is full of zombies? Or will he soon join the ranks of the snuggily UNDEAD?

My Thoughts: Although it's obvious that this "Zombikins" is written for middle school kids, I just love everything zombie, so I was eager to check it out! I absolutely love books (and movies) that get creative when it comes zombies! While reading I was slightly reminded of the RL. Stine books I used to love when I was 10.

It's a very quick read, and is full of humorous illustrations which highlight the plot perfectly! I would definitely recommend this to the younger readers! It was a really fun read!

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